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About Us

What is QoLx?

QoLx stands for Quality of Life eXperiments. We are providing innovative new methods for improving mental health and wellbeing around the world. We take complex research available to adults and translate it into easy-to-understand lessons for kids of all ages.

Our Vision

A peaceful planet with humans who have tools to achieve the highest Quality of Life possible, using their minds to creatively solve problems.

History of QoLx

QoLx started in 2012 as a social change project. We are based in Seattle, United States with members of our team around the world.

Our community
We care to support you in your ambitious goals whether it is personal, business or academic and share the best of what we’ve learned in our journeys.

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    Melissa Ganus, EdD, MBA (aka “Dr Mel”)

    Dr. Mel has dedicated herself to helping reduce suffering and improve quality of life and works tirelessly to find ways to make that easier. She is best known for her enthusiasm and experience in creative problem solving, nonprofit projects, learning design, and impact assessment. Learn more about Dr. Mel’s current interests by checking out her Facebook page.
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    Philip Zimbardo, PhD

    Dr. Philip Zimbardo is one of our greatest inspirations and supporters, co-authoring with us on SQUID and other heroic works. He is most known for directing the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 and was a former president of the American Psychological Association. As one of the most influential figures in contemporary psychology, his involvement is a constant source of encouragement.


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    Alejandra Levy

    Alejandra Levy has brought a whole new level of inclusivity to SQUIDminders, helping with our translations into Spanish and other languages, and performing as Profesora Pulpo.

  • Susannah W
    Dr. Zanna Smith, aka (Dr. Zasm)

    Dr. Zanna has a lifetime of experiences to draw from when she works with clients, from her breadth of work in visual and performing arts and her many years advising students, administrators and healthcare professionals. She recently completed her PhD in Psychology at Walden University, with intensive research on resiliency to compassion fatigue.
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    Stacey Quigley
    Graphic Artist

    Stacey is the graphic artist and creator leading our art department. She brings her brilliance to the illustrations and layouts of our print and online content. Her passion for psychology and mental health is the driving factor for her boundless creativity.


    Astrology Art

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    William de Melo
    Reesearch Fellow/Executive Assistant

    William is a fourth-year student at Soka University of America, based in Aliso Viejo, California. As a research fellow, he studies the efficacy of SQUIDminding, and as an executive assistant, he directly assists Dr. Mel in various organizational and administrative tasks. He aspires to earn a PhD in social psychology.

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  • Lukasz Garczewski
    Executive Consultant

    Lukasz is an experienced executive, Agile project manager, and communicator. He supports us by facilitating our goal setting and strategic planning, advising on how we can collaborate better as a team, and suggesting and deploying the best digital tools to make our work more efficient and impactful. When not helpng shape our team, Lukasz writes haiku, slam poetry, and D&D adventures.
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    Vaibhav Kumar
    Marketing Consultant

    Vaibhav is the marketing consultant and social media handler for QoL Experiments, who believes in making this cause people-centric. He has done his bachelors in Business Administration specializing in Marketing and Sales and going for higher studies in Paris, France for MSc in Marketing from “Kedge Business School”. Apart from his professional life he writes poems and plays the strings.

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  • Julia Gomez, MEd  (aka “Jules”)
    Julia Gomez, MEd (aka “Jules”)
    Research & Development Engineer

    Jules is our energizer bunny, intensely focused on getting things done for every project. With a depth of research and experience in applied behavioral analysis, she is adept at helping people use tools and methods to make progress on immediate and long term goals. A world traveler and minimalist, she helps everyone see life as an adventure.
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  • Priya Dharshini, MSC Marketing
    Priya Dharshini, MSC Marketing
    Graphic Design & Special Projects

    Priya is leading our efforts to share QoL Experiments in India, where she is a fellow at Make a Difference. She loves graphic design and the power of good imagery to convey ideas. She completed her Masters in Marketing at the University of Wales in Singapore. Priya’s first visit to the United States has been a spectacular adventure and she looks forward to returning as often as possible.
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  • Rocco Petrongolo, BS CS  (aka “The Rocc”)
    Rocco Petrongolo, BS CS (aka “The Rocc”)
    Software Consultant & Project Manager

    Rocco is our most tenacious problem solver. He is acting as technical lead and project manager at QoL. Rocco continues to take on software consulting and development roles in the IT market. - Personal Site
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