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Quality of Life Experiments aims to help people around the world improve quality of life for themselves and those they care about. We believe people can be happier by learning how to better understand and experiment with their situational awareness, emotional preparedness, and decision making habits.

"Genius is the art of making the complex simpler."

Our carefully designed training packages are tailored to your specific walk in life. Collaboratively, we help maximize your well-being and improve your quality of life. Let’s begin your personal experiments to collective discovery.


We all know our choices drive our overall Quality of Life, and that good choices are easier to make when we’ve had enough time to research our options. But who has extra time? With our teams’ broad academic and technological skills, we are always using best practices when it comes to our clients.


Rapid iterative design and testing are at the heart of our work. With careful attention to your specific needs and customized solutions, we have developed remarkable products and services for clients professionally, personally, and academically. We have a growing collection of learning materials and activities with samples of our work at Parent Circle.


Our methods for measuring and improving quality of life have helped people around the world. Whether you need feedback on your ideas, more clarity on how to prioritize your time, or emotional support, we give practical advice that helps shorten the path between you and your goals.

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We have ongoing projects on a variety of platforms to spread knowledge about well-being, including lessons on metacognition, articles for improving quality of life, micro-volunteer challenges, learning assesments, and crowdsourced answers for many of life's questions.


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